A Snow leopard for Christmas

One year in to working with our client, Twycross Zoo, we are in awe of the charity’s award-winning conservation efforts and wanted to do our bit to help.

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity and exists to support conservation, education and research of some of the most endangered species on the planet. Animal welfare and conservation is at the heart of everything the zoo does. So much so that over 80% of babies born at Twycross Zoo in 2017 were from species that form part of the European Endangered Species Programmes (EEPs) and European Studbooks (ESB) breeding programmes.



Twycross Zoo works tirelessly all year round to maintain its quality of care and relies on ticket sales to continue its conservation work. Every visitor buying a ticket contributes to maintaining wildlife all around the world.

So, this Christmas our gift to Twycross Zoo is that we’ve chosen to adopt an animal – and you can too! It cares for over 500 animals from 125 different species and there are 10 different species to adopt, from chimpanzees and gorillas to penguins and zebras.

We ran an office poll to vote for our favourite animal and Snow leopard won by a large margin – there is clearly a lot of #leopardlove in the GBW office.

These majestic creatures are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list and face multiple threats including habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, human wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade.

We are delighted to be supporting Twycross Zoo with its mission to help this beautiful species thrive and look forward to sharing regular updates with our followers.