Gough launch BPAS campaigns website

Working closely with their longstanding client BPAS, Gough Bailey Wright have created an online hub designed to raise awareness about women’s rights surrounding pregnancy and reproductive health.


Who is BPAS?

BPAS, aka the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, is a charitable organisation that serves as the UK’s leading provider of abortion care, as well as offering a range of other sexual health services. They are also launching BPAS Fertility, England’s first not-for-profit fertility service, in the coming weeks.


What did the project entail?

Previously, BPAS had multiple different sites for their various campaigns, including Friends of BPAS, We Trust Women and Back Off. Their goal was to consolidate these into one dedicated campaigns website, making it easier for content to updated by BPAS and digested by users.


What were the main requirements?

Primarily, the new website needed to deliver key messages clearly and convincingly for each campaign. The content needed to be presented in a UX-friendly format, which GBW achieved by analysing user behaviour and providing solutions in the information architecture so that each campaign could be navigated and digested easily. Integration with social activity and news was also a priority to ensure content stays relevant. In addition, BPAS wanted to encourage their audience to take action, so integrating the interactive ‘Get Involved’ form was essential. This allows users to sign up to BPAS’ newsletters and get updates on their campaigns.


How was this achieved?

Experienced digital marketers and web developers at GBW worked closely with BPAS to produce a site that effectively delivers campaign messages while also being fully optimised for SEO, UX/UI and web design. See the results for yourself here: https://bpas-campaigns.org/


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