Introducing a new Keyword Density Tool from Gough

We’ve seen the parameters for success and best practice for SEO evolve over the past few years, but something that will always be a constant with any SEO strategy is onsite keyword density. Content remains king when building a page and the search engine will still crawl your website look for keyword densities when indexing results. When considering SEO actions, digital marketers still regard keyword density as one of the most important aspects of the strategy, complimenting the campaign’s content plan. That’s why it’s important to understand how many times you’ve mentioned your target keyword on each page, without being too sparse or spammy.

Gough have recently launched a new tool which provides transparency to a web page’s keyword density and how it could be improved. By supplying the page to analyse and your target keyword as prompts, our tool crawls the content and returns a full breakdown of where the phrase appears within the HTML, along with a target density.

The output will be a score determining if the keyword density can be increased or reduced, with functionality to download and print the report. What’s more, this tool can be used to analyse competitor content, so you can see if their keyword density is performing better, allowing you to create a strategy to improve. The density is calculated by counting all the instances of target keywords within the front-end and meta content, such as page titles and descriptions and providing a percentage of this count against all other words.


Keyword density tool


Although Google has become smarter in understanding the overall context of the copy over the past few years, this tool is aimed at providing a solution for an ongoing SEO strategy overall. Gough will be working on new tools in the future to help improve both information architecture and SEO, with our new web crawler currently in development, forming part of a digital suite of solutions.

These tools are available exclusively to our clients as part of our added value service, so if you’re interested in working with Gough to push your digital performance further, get in touch today.

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