In the wee hours of a September morning, 3 AM to be precise, the intrepid ‘Fools on the Hill’ embarked on an epic adventure to conquer Mount Snowdon, all in support of the remarkable Primrose Hospice Fundraiser.

The mission was clear: reach the summit at sunrise. And the ‘Fools on the Hill’ were determined to make it happen. Armed with unwavering enthusiasm and a sense of purpose, they set out to tackle the rugged terrain.

We are delighted to announce that all five brave souls not only accepted the challenge but conquered it. But, dear reader, make no mistake – it was no walk in the park. The journey was rife with struggles, but it was the kind of fun-filled challenge that leaves you with unforgettable memories.

As the sun began its ascent, anticipation for the breathtaking sunrise grew. However, Mother Nature had her own plans. Instead of a serene and picturesque scene, the summit welcomed the ‘Fools on the Hill’ with gusts of ferocious 50mph winds. It was a moment of awe and humility in the face of nature’s power.

But even amidst the challenging conditions, the team found moments of sheer beauty and inspiration, capturing them through the lens for everyone to enjoy.

We managed to raise an incredible £1,730 and we extend our heartfelt gratitude. A special shout-out goes to the incredible team at Primrose, with a heartfelt thank you to Gabby for her unwavering support. And, of course, huge thanks to the fantastic folks at Blue Sky Adventures for making this epic journey possible.