The team at Gough Bailey Wright 'Pitching up in Purple' with the Bake Off winner

The team at Gough Bailey Wright ‘Pitching up in Purple’ with the Bake Off winner

The team at Bromsgove-based marketing agency, Gough Bailey Wright (GBW), showed off their creative culinary skills to raise money for the Lymphoma Association.
As part of Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week, the agency staged the “˜Great Gough Bailey Wright Bake Off’. The delicious treats, ranging from cakes and biscuits to quiches and breads, were baked and enjoyed by colleagues, and helped to raise a fantastic £400. The money raised will go to the Lymphoma Association, a charity that provides information and support for lymphoma patients and their families. Lymphoma is currently the fifth most common type of cancer diagnosed in the UK.
The agency’s owners, Managing Director Sue Bailey and Client Services Director Michelle Wright, were the Bake Off’s unforgiving judges. It was a tough competition, but after careful deliberation and a lot of taste testing, they awarded Georgina Curtis-Iddiols’ Lemon and Poppy Seed cake the winner. Georgie generously donated all of her cash prize to the charity.
Sue Bailey said: “Lymphoma has affected the lives of a number of people in our agency, both directly and indirectly, so we felt it was very important to support Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week.
“In advance of last week, we established a dedicated charity committee that came up with the idea of the Bake Off and helped make the week a great success.
“The committee has also planned a number of additional fundraising activities for the upcoming months so we can continue to show our support for the patients and families affected by lymphoma, as well as other worthy charities.”
On Friday, the team also participated in the nationwide “˜Pitch up in Purple’ campaign, where each participant made a minimum donation of £2 to wear a fuchsia fashion statement.
For more information about The Lymphoma Association, or if you wish to donate to the charity, please visit