The key to influencer marketing success: it’s who and what you know!

More than 65% of marketing and communications professionals engage with influencers for content promotion, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Why, because in today’s digital age our audiences are on social media and value influencer’s opinions.

Choose a credible partner, someone with an affinity to your brand values and a real passion for your product, and their enthusiasm for your brand cut through. Twitter claims that nearly 40% of its audience has made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer. Social Media Today ’s article ‘Never under estimate the power of Instagram’ states that we all know that stunning imagery which is able to stop an Instagram user mid-scroll is essential. What’s often overlooked, however, is the caption that guides them through from there.

According to Wikipedia ‘Influencer Marketing’ places focus on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. At GBW, we work with our clients to understand their target customer’s behaviours and identify influencer opportunities with personalities that have most relevance for maximum engagement. Engagement is the new impressions. It matters as much, if not more, than someone’s reach.

Priyanka Dayal, content marketing manager at Centaur Media PLC, observes how Influencer Marketing is different from traditional marketing, where brands have traditionally had full control over their marketing. She emphasises the fact that today’s consumer can tell the difference between an advert, a personal recommendation, and an advert masked under a personal recommendation. “For influencer marketing to sustain, authenticity and credibility is key.”

The Drum says influencers aren’t going anywhere; but (much like the blackfishing scandal that blew up on Instagram) the world has already woken up to the charlatans, the false followers and false views.

Influencer marketing is not about finding a big name and bribing them to post about you on their own platforms and social channels. Real results take work. Choosing the right, relevant influencers is crucial, as is a well thought out strategy. Approach each partnership with co-created content specific to their audience in line with your objectives.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to influencer marketing. For some clients, it might not make sense to work with influencers at all. The effects of influencer marketing are most apparent among millennials and Gen Z consumers, who make up a large share of the audience on social platforms.

GBW’s partnership with marketing leading talent team, MN2S, connects international talent with our brands and businesses, identifying opportunities and finding creative ways to engage them. We combine creative, strategic, commercial and legal skills with knowledge of popular culture, technology and entertainment marketing to increases sales, loyalty and brand equity.

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