We’ve been appointed by Birmingham City Council’s property team to help promote a brand new development opportunity in the heart of the city and have launched an exciting new marketing campaign aimed at attracting developers’ attention to the site.
The centrepiece of the campaign is a bespoke website – fifty5hollowayhead.co.uk – containing video elements and aerial shots showcasing the site in the context of Birmingham’s evolving profile.
The brief was to devise an imaginative and innovative way to catch a global market with the new opportunity, highlighting the development potential of 55 Holloway Head, currently occupied by Lee Bank business centre. The site is perfectly located close to The Mailbox, with New Street Station and Arena Central just around the corner.
Using drones to capture the site from all angles, the agency created a showcase video and a tailored website, completely rebranding the opportunity in the process.
Sue Bailey, managing director comments: “Birmingham is absolutely bustling with building activity at the moment, and this site represents a fantastic new opportunity for developers, so it was exciting to work with Birmingham City Council’s Property team to create something innovative. I’m very proud of what we have created and congratulate our team. I’m confident that 55 Holloway Head won’t be on the market for long!”
Liam Davies, Business Centre Manager of Birmingham City Council adds: “Working with GBW has been a real pleasure. They have enabled the council to look at new, exciting and innovative ways of marketing property. This project has created a real buzz and anticipation of the development opportunity within the marketplace and feedback has been very positive locally, nationally and internationally.”