A Trio of Websites for BDHT

The Brief

bdht required updates to all three of their websites; the designs had become outdated and the sites had become quite slow and clunky over time. The brief was to rebuild all three of their sites to increase traffic to their sites and therefore achieve greater brander awareness.

The Results

The decision was made to completely rebuild all three within a year of each other, with a fresh design and a sitemap restructure.

We started with bdht Homes, updating the design to make it clean, fresh and more welcoming for users. Shared ownership can be a confusing concept, and as it is the focus of the site, we wanted the site to be easy to navigate and friendly to aid ease of understanding of shared ownership.

Next was bdht’s main website and their careers site. The designs for both were updated to be clean and simple, with site restructures for both for ease of navigation.

The bdht Careers site included an application system for users to apply for job roles directly on the site and previously this functionality was being provided by a plugin. But with the recent developments in technology and to increase security, improve the functionality and allow for complete customisation, we built this ourselves for the new version of the site using Laravel. All sites are now more easily navigable, with suitable user flow and condensed content.

All sites have a page speed score of 91% plus, and a fully-loaded time of 3 seconds. There are more visitors to each site, with bounce rates decreasing and session times increasing too.

With bdht Homes in particular, visits to the website have gone up by 97%, with 74% being new users of the site.

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Click here to open the BDHT Homes website

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