Heritage Multi-car Animation Infographic

The Brief

Heritage Insurance Brokers specialise in multi-car insurance policies for customers who own multiple classic car vehicles. As their offering is very unique and can be quite complex to explain, they were looking for a way to simplify how their multi-car policy works via video content on their website (which GBW previously designed and built).

We suggested animated video as a way to deliver the content in a visual and appealing format, enhancing the features of the policy in a way that traditional literature or web pages can’t. Research tells us that consumers process visual information much faster than text, and an animation gives the client interesting shareable content that they could use on their social media platforms.

We worked closely with the client to summarise how the multi-car policy works, developing storyboards, individual characters and copy in line with their key messages, objectives and look and feel. The simple visuals of the different types of vehicles we created and the bubble representing one policy, demonstrated the flexibility of how another vehicle could be added to the customers plan at any time across the year.

The Results

The final animation was well-received and provided content that detailed each step of the policy clearly and concisely so that consumers can understand how Heritage Multi Car Insurance works, and the benefits of using their services. Consumers are much more likely to respond to a simplified cost effective solution from their insurer as they can be confident that the service will save them time and money, and there is no better vehicle (excuse the pun!) to relay their message than a visually engaging animated video.

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