Property Communications for Sainsbury’s

The Brief

Sainsbury’s and Leicester City Council hired us to manage property communications for the delivery of major changes in the city centre, including the demolition of the Belgrave Road Flyover and a range of highways improvements.

The Results

We provided property communications which involved public affairs, community relations and a PR campaign to support the works, keeping local people informed, engaged and able to have concerns addressed during major disruption to daily life.

“The GBW team ensured a co-ordinated approach and consulted on demolition options, issued regular letters to a large community database, held successful face-to-face consultations with local businesses, managed a Freephone and developed a suite of marketing display materials, including billboards.

They handled the complicated project with skill, understanding and a steely determination to ensure all messages were conveyed clearly and all audiences engaged. They worked effectively and in a timely and sympathetic manner and we were not disappointed – local residents, businesses, and key stakeholders felt that they had been fully engaged and informed.”

Andrew L Smith
Director of Planning, Transportation and Economic Development, Leicester City Council

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