Snapchat Advertising Campaign for BPAS

The Brief

To raise awareness of BPAS amongst UK women aged 19-29 in an engaging, informative way.

The Results

With a relatively small budget, this brand-building campaign achieved fantastic engagement figures of over 7 million impressions, almost 1 million video views and 155,000 swipe-ups.

We created an animated roulette wheel to highlight the fact that 1 in 3 UK women will have an abortion in their lifetime, which was aimed at ‘normalising’ the need for abortion care.

We also created a short in-app quiz to ‘bust’ some myths about sexual health, to help position BPAS as a brand that provides reliable, useful advice about sexual health.

Both adverts used animation that we designed to fit in with Snapchat’s established style, whilst still being sufficiently eye-catching by using stunning facts and figures about sexual health.

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